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Best Adjustable Torque Impact Wrench

Do you need some help repairing your car? Or an appliance in the house?

Impact wrenches are not only used for loosening nuts and bolts. You can even use it for high torque situations, like drilling. But it is lighter and more powerful than drills, as well as easier on your arms.

That being said, you no longer need to call a mechanic and spend a fortune on mechanics now! Instead, get one of the best adjustable torque impact wrenches on my list, and let it save you tons of money and time!

Top 6 Best Adjustable Torque Impact Wrench

Our Top Picks

Here is a descriptive review of the best adjustable torque impact wrenches.

1. Ingersoll Rand 231C Air Impact Wrench

If you are looking for a powerful air impact wrench, this is the one for you. This torque adjustable air impact wrench works excellent even with a low air supply. It is also quite sturdy and can last for as long as possible!

The oil must be poured into the inward inlet and the hammer mechanism. For light users, you can lubricate by hand. But for heavy users, get an inline oiler. That will make your job super easy!

For me, it was possible to figure out which power setting was for the forward and reverse. However, even the numbers were confusing. Despite the heavy size, the adjustable torque air impact wrench is relatively weak and leaky.

As for the air compressor, I recommend getting one with 20 gallons capacity and 4.0 CFM at least. Also, include a filter/water separator if you don’t previously own one.

Despite being marketed as having a torque of 600 feet, it is listed as 450 for the tool. So, you can expect the wrench to run at 90 psi maximum.

Even though the manual has about 30 pages in every possible language, it was not clear about the usage of the device. Therefore, unless you have previous experience with these types of tools, you shouldn’t buy them.


  • This one is easy to use and maintain
  • Compact design can work in narrow space
  • It uses maximum power to remove nuts and bolts
  • Twin hammers ensure high efficiency


  • The trigger may end up locking in place
  •  Having made in China, the quality is poor

2. Enertwist Electric Impact Wrench

Solid, Enertwist can handle anything! This device can break anything, even spindle nuts, axle nuts, and crankshaft pulley bolts! But, you have to use a 12 points socket for this adjustable torque electric impact wrench.

Holding the wrench is easy because of the rubberized grip control. Being a corded adjustable torque electric impact wrench, this monster device includes a rubber nosepiece and a high-impact housing.

If you are a mechanic, you will love this wrench! However, despite how powerful it is, it is an electric device. Therefore, you may smell a burning odour while working at it. Make sure to unplug when that happens.

I also found the switch a bit confusing to use. The hog ring doesn’t hold the socket at all. Because of its bulky form, I don’t recommend this device in tight places.

It stops spinning a bit slowly. If you are fine with that, that is great. As a piece of advice, release the electrically adjustable torque impact wrench early to avoid over-tightening or over-loosening.


  • Heavy duty and powerful enough for any work
  • It has an impact rate of 2700 IPM and a speed of 2600 RPM
  • This wrench is capable of tolerating heavy abuse
  • There is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • It may heat up if used improperly
  • It may be too noisy

3. Handife Brushless High Torque Impact Wrench

With this tremendous adjustable torque impact wrench, removing screws only takes you seconds! In my opinion, it is the most practical, portable, speedy, and dynamic impact wrench on this list.

The product comes with several impact sockets, which I found was rewarding. I could not believe this small tool was so convenient for work and personal use. So that you know, use an impact particular sleeve battery.

Even the casing is beautiful, and it contains the wrench, battery, charger, and sockets. You don’t even have to get up to max power to loosen screws. The lower and middle settings can get most things done.

Besides, be careful with the high torque. The built-in night work LED light helps you work even in the dark. So, that makes this adjustable torque 1/2 inch impact wrench one of my favorites!


  • The tool is cordless and portable
  • It is suitable for industrial work
  • LED-battery charges fast
  • The aluminium alloy shell prevents rusting


  • Additional sockets provided are too thin and light
  • It only comes with one battery

4. PORTER-CABLE PCE211 Impact Wrench

Heavier impact wrenches have more power than lighter ones. Despite the heavy power, this adjustable torque impact wrench goes easy on your hands. So your wrists are safe!

I won’t suggest putting the lugs back on. Even if you don’t cross-thread, you may ruin the wheel studs due to overtightening. You will be really impressed with its consistent performance, way better than cordless and air impact wrenches.

Although this machine is good for removing hardware, it is not for putting them on. If you do, you may get snapped bolts, stripped heads, and threads. You can use this to remove tires as well.

Moreover, this impact wrench is quieter than other wrenches, though the torque could be improved. If you don’t use it the right way, you may spell burnt plastic. Sometimes the impact wrench may get locked and avoid forward or reverse.

Furthermore, the bulky size gets in the way of working in narrow spaces. The noise may be a turn-off as well.


  • The company has 100 years of manufacturing experience
  • It has an easy forward/reverse rocker switch
  • It comes with a 3-year limited warranty
  • The wrench can unscrew in 2 to 3 seconds


  • This tool is not suitable for putting on hardware
  • There is no pressure-sensitive trigger

5. AVID POWER Impact Wrench

In general, this adjustable torque battery impact wrench is used for light-duty projects. I say it is a great deal to use around the house. It arrives with a soft case, a battery, a charger, and four sockets. I found this easy to tighten up lag bolts.

This adjustable torque impact wrench can effortlessly fasten and unfasten nuts and bolts. The vibration and jarring may be a bit annoying, but the wrench handles it well. However, I found it difficult to remove the sockets after fitting them.

Having a spare battery with the purchase could be helpful. However, for the price, the impact wrench is moderately powerful. Sometimes, unscrewing nuts and bolts can take a while.

Furthermore, I must appreciate the lightweight feature, as it puts an end to the fear of carpal tunnel. The coolest part is that the battery has a USB charger and an LED indicator. The charger is small and doesn’t hog up a lot of space.


  • It is lightweight and affordable
  • You can work in the dark with its LED
  • It comes with an excellent extended 2-year warranty
  • Immediate replacement is available for faulty products


  • The chargers are substandard
  • The sockets don’t store properly in the case

6. Goplus Air Impact Wrench

Firstly, this tiny air impact wrench is one-of-a-kind. It can do any job without a hiccup! The twin hammer mechanism, impressive rotor, and exhaust vent contribute to its efficiency.

Because of the anti-slip feature, you can ensure that the wrench won’t fall and hurt you. In addition, it is lightweight, useful, affordable, and safe. The comfortable grip and easy reverse switch position are the good features of this adjustable torque impact wrench.

It also comes with an extra lubricant for the inlet. You need this for the smooth operation and longevity of the adjustable torque pneumatic impact wrench. The package also offers an air nipple and dust cover.

There is a reason the manufacturers have included the oil because you need to oil it very often! Anyhow, the vibration is smooth, the 3-speed control is impressive, and there is no chance of you twisting your wrist.


  • Accommodating 3 variable speeds is beneficial.
  • Tough construction can handle any external abuse.
  • The user-friendly grip makes work simple
  • The tool is perfect for repairing hardware, automotive, and ships


  • You have to oil the tool frequently
  • Poor maintenance may reduce its longevity

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Adjustable Torque Impact Wrench

Before getting a new adjustable torque impact wrench for yourself, make sure you are aware of some basic requirements.

Adjustable Torque Impact Wrench Cord Type

1. Pneumatics

Regardless of a lack of convenience, pneumatic adjustable torque impact wrenches are the number one choice of professionals. The internal components of these wrenches are far superior to the cordless or corded options.

Plus, there are no batteries, internal circuitry, or motors to add to its weight. So when it comes to price as well, these babies are the most affordable.

Goplus Air Impact Wrench is pneumatic.

2. Corded

Usually, the corded adjustable torque impact wrenches are more budget-friendly than the cordless ones. The best part about the corded options is that it doesn’t require an air compressor.

On the downside, these wrenches are not so great in terms of performance and power. They are also heavy and large, and you will struggle to work with them in narrow spaces.

PORTER-CABLE PCE211 Impact Wrench and Enertwist Electric Impact Wrench are corded.

3. Cordless

The cordless ones don’t come with the disadvantages of bulkiness and limitation of corded range. You can work even in tight spaces, and it won’t strain your arms or back.

Due to their compact size, they can be carried to remote areas and kept in your car for emergencies. The only issue is with the batteries, which need to be changed from now and then.

AVID POWER Impact Wrench and Handife Brushless High Torque Impact Wrench are cordless.

Speed Control

The speed of the impact wrench can vary based on its size and performance. Automatic wrenches require more power and speed to operate compared to non-automatic ones.

Some wrenches will come with a speed-limiting potentiometer to control their maximum speed. The speed should be manually adjustable depending on the brand.


You have to be very careful about sockets as most can’t be used with adjustable torque impact wrenches. Chrome and regular sockets are a no-no. These impact tools are too powerful for these average sockets. Cracks and shattering are common incidents.

Therefore, for impact wrenches, always use impact sockets. These are safer than using regular ones, which may even cause physical damage to yourself.


Adjustable torque impact wrenches typically fall in the price range of $200 to $400. However, the cost can rise based on your performance, power, and usability requirements.

If you want to buy a corded or pneumatic wrench, you also have to consider the cost of an air compressor. But, on the contrary, the batteries for the cordless wrenches can add up to your purchase price.

Special Features

If a torque impact wrench is coming with extra additions, you should make the most of it. Some of them may contain impact drivers, compact impact wrenches, and other goodies.

Best adjustable torque impact wrenches with unique features are Enertwist Electric Impact Wrench 1/2 Inch and Goplus Air Impact Wrench.

Here are a few tutorials to solve some torque-related problems regarding impact wrenches.

How to Adjust the Torque on an Impact Wrench

How to adjust torque with an impact wrench? There are two ways in which you can get this done. 

Firstly, you have to regulate the line pressure. 

To do so:

Step 1: Turn on the compressor and let it run until it gets to the shut-off pressure.

Step 2: Now, connect the adjustable torque impact wrench to the air pressure using an air hose. 

Step 3: Lower the working pressure by calibrating the pressure regulator of the compressor.

Secondly, synchronize the tool pressure.

To do so:

Step 1: Connect the adjustable torque impact wrench to the tool air regulator.

Step 2: Now, secure the air regulator to the air hose. 

Step 3: Lastly, fine-tune the air regulator to reach the desired amount of torque.

How to Adjust Torque on Cordless Impact Wrench

There are a few methods that you can follow:

Step 1: For this, connect the air regulator to the end pressure line of the adjustable torque impact wrench. Then, tune the air regulator to get the torque you want.

Step 2: Run the cordless impact wrench at low speed to slightly tighten the nuts. Then, rotate the last thread with a manual impact wrench. 

Step 3: Use the speed switch in your cordless impact wrench to control and estimate the tightness of the end torque.

How to Adjust Torque on Electric Impact Wrench

Some electric wrenches have their setting that can calibrate the torque effortlessly. It is called a ‘control ring.’

All you have to do is run the ring and get the right amount of torque. It is easier as you can get it to a preset level already numbered on the machine.

You can say that this is the most convenient torque adjustment for impact wrenches. Hence, delicate tasks can be quickly achieved.

How to Adjust Torque on an Air Impact Wrench

Is the torque adjustable on an air impact wrench? The answer is yes.

Unfortunately, air impact wrenches don’t come with a control knob to adjust their torque. However, it is not impossible. Let’s look at how it is accomplished.

Step 1: Attach the hose with the air impact wrench. Make sure there are no leaky joints. 

Step 2: Run the air pressure at its lowest power to ensure the protection of the tool. 

Step 3: Calibrate the tool air regulator until you find the right air pressure. You may need to attempt a few times to get there.

How Do You Adjust Torque on Dewalt Impact Wrench

Calibrating the torque on any impact wrench is pretty much the same process. You can use attachments; such as torque sticks. These attachments are quite good at tuning the end torque.


I don’t think looking for the best adjustable torque impact wrench is that hard, especially when you have someone like me preparing a list for you!

Regardless, getting used to an impact wrench may be a challenge if you are new to this. The small tutorial I have posted up here can give you some heads up. But make sure to dig your way into more advanced tutorials on impact wrenches by other users on the internet.

Overall, I hope this article was helpful to you. So, see you next time!

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