Impact Driver

When you need to drive a lot of screws, an Impact Driver is the tool for the job. Impact Drivers are great at quickly driving long screws into hard materials like wood and drywall.

They come in many different shapes and sizes, so they can be used for a wide range of projects. Impact drivers also have some other features that make them more efficient than traditional screwdrivers or drills. If you’re looking for more information on Impact Drivers, keep reading!

Milwaukee M18 Loose Battery Fix

Milwaukee M18 Loose Battery Fix [2 DIY Methods]

What if you have gotten into a serious project with your Milwaukee M18, and all of a sudden, the battery has fallen to the ground? And it becomes worse when you are in the middle of an application. Basically, it happens for the loose battery connection.  So, getting familiar with the Milwaukee M18 loose battery […]

milwaukee m18 fuel impact driver problems

5 Possible Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver Problems & Fixes

Even if you invest in the most expensive impact driver in the market, no one can guarantee that it will remain 100% free from issues throughout its lifetime! So, there’s no need to panic if you encounter any problems with your Milwaukee M18 fuel impact driver. Some of the common problems with the Milwaukee M18 […]

remove bit from dewalt impact driver

How to Remove Bit from Dewalt Impact Driver: 6 Easy Steps

Removing bits can be a piece of cake if you’re a seasoned carpenter or DIY-er. But when it comes to taking out bits from the Dewalt impact driver, I bet most of you will fail due to its complex mechanism. So today, I’m here to discuss how to remove the bit from the Dewalt impact […]

M12 vs. M18 Impact Driver

Milwaukee M12 vs. M18 Impact Driver: Neck-to-Neck Comparison!

These days, impact drivers are one of the most famous cordless power tools on the earth for both professional and hobbyist craftsmen. And when it comes to brand, the chapter can’t close without mentioning the giant brand named “Milwaukee!” That might be the reason why people often get confused about Milwaukee’s M12 vs M18 impact […]

Best Impact Driver Under $100

Best Impact Driver Under $100: In Depth Reviews with Buying Guide!

As a seasoned worker, having impact drivers is one of the necessary things. A vast number of impact drivers are available in the market according to materials, powers, and different sizes. But when it comes to picking the best one, it can cost you an arm and a leg! If you have enough budget, you […]

Drill Concrete with Impact Driver

How to Drill Holes in Concrete with an Impact Driver: 5 Easy-Peasy Steps

If you have experience drilling into concrete, you better know about it. Drilling holes in concrete is difficult, especially if you don’t have the right tools. This process can be challenging because the concrete may break and cause the hole to get bigger or smaller than usual.  Stop scratching your head; I’ve got you covered! […]

1 4 vs 3 8 vs 1 2 impact driver

1/4 vs 3/8 vs 1/2 Impact Driver: Which One is Better?

Probably the upcoming projects are knocking on your door, and you’re failing to make your decision on buying the right impact driver! So to help you get rid of this confusing or annoying situation, I’ve come up today with an exciting battle of 1/4 vs. 3/8 vs. 1/2 impact drivers.  Why these 3? Well, although […]

Drill Bit Stuck in Impact Driver

Drill Bit Stuck in Impact Driver – Easiest Solutions to Get Rid of It!

Things may get even worst when you go to use your newly-purchased impact driver, and you notice a piece of drill bit has just got stuck in your power tool! Damn, what an awkward situation it is! Unfortunately, most of you don’t know why a drill bit stuck in an impact driver and how to […]