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1 4 vs 3 8 vs 1 2 impact driver

1/4 vs 3/8 vs 1/2 Impact Driver: Which One is Better?

Probably the upcoming projects are knocking on your door, and you’re failing to make your decision on buying the right impact driver! So to help you get rid of this confusing or annoying situation, I’ve come up today with an exciting battle of 1/4 vs. 3/8 vs. 1/2 impact drivers.  Why these 3? Well, although […]

Breaker Bar Vs Impact Wrench

Breaker Bar Vs Impact Wrench: Which is Stronger?

Breaker bar? Or the impact wrench? Which tool is the best for unscrewing nuts and bolts? To put it simply, do you want the expensive option or the cheaper one? Do you want more power or enough leverage with minimum strength? You could have wondered which tool to use for your next DIY project—no need […]

Milwaukee vs. Dewalt Angle grinder

Milwaukee vs. Dewalt Angle Grinder: Which Brand Is Offering More?

An angle grinder is a versatile power tool DIY workers commonly use to sand or cut through stuff like concrete, metal, and stone. Starting from wood jobs to construction sites, there is a place for angle grinders everywhere. Now, whether you are a professional or just a DIY worker, choosing a brand for purchasing an […]