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How To Turn A Cordless Drill Into Corded – 3 Steps To Look For!

Have you noticed your old cordless drill isn’t working as before? Or you’ve found it completely useless? I don’t think you should use the word “useless” if you have such a power tool because you can easily convert your cordless drill to a corded drill; you heard it right! 

Cordless to corded drill conversion is way easier than it sounds! This can be done with ease if you have just a little knowledge of repairing drill machines. I’ve even seen many drillers who utilized this technique, and luckily, they made it. 

It’s nothing wrong to turn your cordless drill into a corded, especially if it becomes weaker than usual, period. And by doing so, you can save yourself from spending extra dollars on a new high-end corded drill. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned! 

So let’s cut to the chase without further ado!

While cordless to corded drill conversion, take off the old battery from your cordless drill, remove the solder wires through soldering tools, and then join the other side of wires to your 12V power supply.

Things Needed:

  • A 12V Power Supply (10A)
  • Soldering tools
  • A screwdriver
  • Sufficient Wire

How to Convert a Cordless Drill to a Corded One – Step By Step Instruction:

To convert cordless drill to corded drill, you first need to collect the above-written stuff, and then you’re ready to move forward. Follow the basic steps given below:

Step-1: Taking Off Old Battery

As you’re going to convert your cordless drill to corded, the very first task to perform is to take the old battery out of the device. In that case, take help from your screwdriver.

Step-2: Removing Solder Wire

Let’s take help from your soldering tools in order to remove the solder wire carefully. While doing it, make sure the solder gets as much heat as possible to break connections of the existing wires instantly.

Step-3: Connecting Wires to Power Supply

The title says it all; get your hands on the other side of wires to make a connection between wires and the 12V power supply. Once you’ve connected successfully, turn on your cordless drill and Voila! You did it! This is how to turn a cordless drill into corded.

Note: To get a practical idea of turning a cordless drill into a corded drill, watch this short informative video.

When It Becomes Necessary to Turn Cordless Drills into Corded Drills?

Is the battery of your cordless drill becoming dead or completely useless? If yes, this is probably the main reason for turning a cordless drill into the corded drill. After roughly using a cordless power tool, the battery gets weaker day by day. Even it can lose its actual power way before than usual if you’re unable to take proper care of your device. 

So if it happens, you can turn your cordless tool into corded by following the steps mentioned above. But don’t make the mistake of jumping into the process right away. Be sure to collect the necessary stuff, and having at least a basic knowledge of repairing power tools is mandatory to get the work safely done.

How to Charge the Battery of Cordless Drill without any Charger

Using any laptop charger won’t be a bad idea to charge your 20V/18V cordless drill battery. There are other available ways you can apply; this includes attaching AA cells in series, taking help from another cordless drill battery, or getting a balanced “LiPo charger.” 

But before you use any lithium polymer charger, make sure your cordless power tool is compatible with that. If not, then there’s at least a little possibility of ending up with an explosion; it’s a rare case, though. 

Last but certainly not least, it’s okay to take assistance from a solar panel of 12V for charging up your cordless drill without any charger; it’s that simple!

Is a Corded Drill More Powerful than the Cordless One?

Due to the access of 110V, most corded drills show off extreme power. They usually get superior motors that make the drill capable of producing significantly more speed and torque than the cordless drill machines. 

Don’t get me wrong; the current market has hundreds of top-notch cordless models which are stronger and versatile. But in most cases, corded drills are best suited for projects related to heavy-duty. So before purchasing any, you better make a decision wisely on which suits your drilling projects most.

Wrapping Up!

Finally, cordless to corded drill conversion appears to be child’s play now since I’ve shown you the basic steps to get it done. So try this out if you notice your old cordless drill isn’t working, or let’s say the battery has turned almost useless. I’m pretty sure you’ll do that without any risks and troubles. Afterward, your tool won’t seem useless anymore, which is what you want to, suitable?

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