How to Cut 1/8 Inch Aluminum? 2 Must-Try Techniques!

Cutting aluminum is not an untroubled task. All you need is precise knowledge of blade and method. Any blunder can ruin your expectations. Even any careless attempt while cutting aluminum can cause serious injury.

So, knowing how to cut 1/8 inch aluminum can give you a perfect outcome. 1/8-inch aluminum width is pretty thick. Hence, read this article and weld it more if you have a base idea and experience cutting 1/8 aluminum blades.

If you plan to do it for your home renovation or any other work, you must be confused among the multiple options. After abundant exploration, I have found the 2 ideal cutting options for 1/8 inch or 0.125 aluminum sheet.

So let’s get into it!

Best Way to Cut 1/8 Aluminum: 2 Effective Methods

Thick aluminum is a rigid material, and it’s better to use an electrical tool to cut it. You don’t need to push too much effort into these machines. Now let’s dig into the deep to know how to cut 1/8 inch aluminum sheet facilely.

1. Cutting 1/ 8 Aluminum with Angle Grinder

The angle grinder can cut rugged aluminum precisely. But you have to choose the appropriate blade disc for the process.

Choosing the Right Blade:

If you want a satisfactory result, there is no other option to select the best blade, as a good valued blade can give you long-term service. It can give your 1/8 aluminum sheet any shape you want. So, if you are thinking that getting an expensive blade can cost you more, open the palm and pay for it.

Proper Disc Attachment:

Before starting the machine, ensure you have attached the disc appropriately and the bolts are tight enough. Priorly, you can practice on the corner of the sheet, which part will be a waste after the cutting.

Don’t Force It:

Never forcefully try to cut the sheet as it can cause sparks and can even break your blade into pieces. Always move the grinder smoothly. You can use lubricants to keep your blade heatless.

Start Cutting:

Once you begin the cutting process, try to finish it; if you stop it in the middle, the next when you begin, it can push forward and cause a poor design finishing result.

2. Cutting 1/8 Aluminum with Miter Saw

A miter saw can do it all, from cutting aluminum gutters to 1/8 aluminum! You just have to select the correct blade and proper allocation for a good result.

Choosing the Right Blade:

Choosing the right blade for a miter saw aluminum is vital. Circular blades, Razor blades, and sharp cut blades are a few good blades for aluminum cutting. Attach the blade with the saw adequately, check twice to stay risk-free from any unwanted accident.

Proper Clamp Attachment:

Clamp the aluminum tightly, and it’s essential to get an exact result. Make sure that the aluminum sheet doesn’t move a bit.

Safety Precautions:

Try to maintain minimum safety as the accident aluminum piece can hit your face and cause a deep wound. So, wearing glasses and gloves is a must.

Begin the Cutting Process:

Start the machine with enough safety and wait for the desired outcome when you are ready.

F.A.Q.’s on How to Cut 1/8 Inch Aluminum

What to choose for cutting thin aluminum?

In a nutshell, you can use an angle grinder for thin aluminum cutting.

Is it safe to cut aluminum by hand?

The answer is yes, but this process is very time-consuming, and you will probably not get a satisfactory result.

What type of lubricant is suitable for the miter saw blade?

Saw wax, standard wood oil are good for miter-saw it will prevent sparking. It also helps to keep the splinters from spreading.

Last Words!

Always maintain safety precautions while cutting aluminum because any accident through power tools can cause a deep wound. And as I’ve walked you through how to cut 1/8 aluminum following two different methods, I guess this task becomes a piece of cake, right?