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Ridgid R4241 Miter Saw Review: Specs, Pros & Cons

In the field of compound miter saws, so many different models are pulling crowds around the current market! Among them, the Ridgid R4241 miter saw is a top-notch choice being powerful, versatile, durable, and stylish to look at.

So today’s topic is all about the Ridgid R4241 miter saw review, where I’ll disclose the key features that make it stand out from the crowd. In fact, it’s been a popular choice among DIYers and intermediate carpenters.  So let’s get into it!

Ridgid R4241 Quick Specifications

Power TypeCorded Electric
Motor15 Amp
Crosscutting Capacity45 to 90 Degrees
Diameter of the Blade10-inch
Material ConstructionCast Aluminum
Dust Collection PortIncluded
LED WorklightIncluded
Blade IndicatorIncluded
Max RPM4000 RPM
Item Weight53 Pounds
Product Dimension20 x 22.5 x 29.5 inches

Detailed Reviews of the Ridgid R4241 Miter Saw

Here, I’ll walk you through the details of the Ridgid R4241 miter saw reviews. This way, you’ll be able to decide whether spending on this power tool is worth the investment or not:

Multi-Degree Cutting Angles

If your purpose in buying a miter saw is to make several cutting-degree angles, then you’re lucky enough! This is because the Ridgid R4241 will get you covered with a couple of crosscutting capacities, from 45 to 90 degrees.

Moreover, it’s able to create up to 6.25” cutting thickness, including eight positive stops in the majority of cutting positions. Feel free to enjoy 52-degree for left and 60-degree for right cutting and achieve the desired result.

Superior Power

Along with the smooth and consistent cutting movement, the Ridgid R4241 offers excellent functionality thanks to its 15-amp motor. Unlike traditional miter saw motors, this one is capable of handling daily cutting loads by offering 4000 RPM without facing any complications.

Seasoned carpenters have tested its efficacy by making around 1 million cuts at once, and the results are impressive!

Durable Build Quality

What if you get a piece of miter saw that breaks within slight pressure? Well, even if the blade of your miter saw seems to be ultra-sharp, you can’t use the tool for an extended period in case the build quality appears poor and fragile!

But luckily, that isn’t going to happen with the Ridgid R4241 because the maker has used high-grade cast aluminum for the frame and handle. At the bottom, you can notice an extension rod that offers additional work support, which is also sturdy.

Razor-sharp Blade

Coming in a diameter of 10 inches, the blade of the Ridgid R4241 will be quite suitable to deal with small to medium-sized projects. More interestingly, it doesn’t require frequent sharpening compared to its competitors.

Portable Design

Portability has always been a plus point for me when it comes to miter saws. And if you share the same preference, then the Ridgid R4241 miter saw won’t disappoint you. With a bodyweight of 52lbs, it’s easy to move from your home to your garage or to another location to complete your desired sawing task. 

So, you can easily convert it into another plus without much effort.

Effective Dust Collection System

During a project, a miter saw can create a lot of stress due to the sawdust it generates while cutting. However, with an additional dust collection system, this won’t be a problem. Luckily, the Ridgid R4241 comes equipped with a 2.5-inch dust port and a dust collection bag, making it easy to capture sawdust (although the dust port may be a bit small). The port can also be used as a vacuum port, allowing you to use an additional vacuum cleaner if needed.

Additional Features:

  • Ridgid R4241 illuminates the workspace with its added LED light.
  • Comes in a carry handle (top-mount) to add ease during the project.
  • Built-in spindle lock makes the “blade changing process” a snap!
  • Includes a safety switch additionally.
  • Dual bevel facility with an efficient blade guard.

Pros and Cons of Ridgid R4241 Miter Saw


  • 15 amp motor adds power to deal with multiple projects
  • Cast aluminum constructions make it durable and long-lasting
  • 52lbs bodyweight makes it easy to transfer from place to place
  • Multi-degree cutting angles add versatility
  • Stylish design, easy to use, and doesn’t cost you a pretty penny


  • Being added with a 10” blade, it isn’t the best choice for heavy-duty applications!
  • The dust collection bag that appears isn’t that spacious to capture lots of sawdust at once!

Wrapping Up

After going through the Ridgid R4241 miter saw review, I hope now you can decide whether it suits your arsenal or not. If you aren’t a heavy user, then I’d say you can easily rely on it to deal with daily moderate projects.

And if possible, spend on an extra dust collection bag, especially if you often need to capture lots of sawdust in every attempt.

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