7 Amp vs. 11 Amp Grinder: Which Grinder Deserves the Crown?

Nowadays, many people are researching online for the appropriate angle grinder. They usually check their desired functions and needs on product specifications. But often, they get confused when it comes to the range of AMP!

So today, I’m here to compare 7 amp vs. 11 amp grinder machines and provide you with the information you need before choosing one. Here, I’ll let you know when you should choose a 7 or 7.5 amp grinder or when to get an 11 amp grinder. This might be your luckiest day, I guess!

What Amp Angle Grinder Do I Need?

In the current market, you can get many types of grinders with different features and benefits. A cordless DC grinder is available in the market, although it is not for heavy-duty jobs. On AC voltages, grinders are usually available in standard 120 Volt.

When it comes to the amp, you have to keep some compulsory things in your mind. For reference, I am comparing here 7.5 vs. 11 amp angle grinder. In terms of no-load RPM, 7 or 7.5 amp grinders provide you a speed of 10,000 rpm, while 11 amp grinders come with a speed of around 11,000 rpm.

On some average models of 11 amp grinder, you will get better control over speed. As a result, you will be able to decrease the speed to 7,500 rpm.

1. Power Deliver

When it comes to power tools, power consumption and power delivery are the most vital thing to be considered before buying one. A 7 amp grinder machine will consume about 840 watts, and it can deliver about the same power. While an 11 amp grinder will take 1320 watts of energy and also deliver about the same power.

840 watts is a reasonable power consumption rate when we talk about power tools. It’s also ideal for home usage, household work, and small projects. But if you are a professional, you have to do heavy-duty jobs. Then it’s not suitable at all.

In that case, you should go for an 11 amp grinder machine or more than an 11 amp machine. One of the heavy-duty jobs is grinding concrete; in this case, if you are looking for the best 7-inch grinder for concrete of high amp, then you may visit.

2. Motor

Generally, a bigger amp means a stronger motor. And obviously, a stronger motor will last longer than a weak motor. If you buy a 7 amp grinder and put so much pressure on the machine, then it may ruin the motor soon.

But if you just do day-to-day tasks, then it might be okay. It’s equally true that an 11 amp grinder motor is more powerful and can tolerate much pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Can you do the same work with both grinders?

Frankly speaking, no! You cannot do heavy-duty jobs with a 7 amp grinder. If you try to do so, it will ruin the project badly. But if you are trying to do regular tasks, then you are allowed to perform them with both grinders.

Can you cut aluminum with a 7 amp grinder?

A 7 amp grinder is best for regular tasks. I have mentioned earlier that it can deliver up to 840 watts of power. That’s enough to cut aluminum with your grinder machine.

Can I sand concrete with my 6 amp grinder?

For sanding concrete, you will not need much power from a grinder. So, a regular 6 amp grinder is ideal for your household work and sanding concrete.

7 Amp vs. 11 Amp Grinder: Final Words!

Comparing a 7 amp vs. 11 amp grinder is to let you know that if you are not a professional, you can easily go for the smaller ones (7 amp). On the other hand, an 11 amp grinder should be your ultimate go-to to deal with heavy projects!