Best Angle Grinder Blade for Cutting Porcelain Tile

Tile cutting can be a very tedious and time-consuming process. If you do not use the correct blades for cutting Porcelain tile, there is a huge possibility of wasting a lot. But the right one for the job can make all the difference and prevent unnecessary damage. 

In this case, you can choose the best angle grinder blade for cutting porcelain tile because it tends to be sharper enough with a lot of cutting power.

There are many different types of angle grinder blades available on the market. So how do you get the best saw blades for you? Don’t worry; I’ve already worked hard to find a few best blades suitable for cutting porcelain tile with an angle grinder. So, let me cut to the chase without wasting any more time!

10 Best Angle Grinder Blade for Cutting Porcelain Tile

After hours of research, I am here to share my experience with some of the best angle grinder blades for you. I arrange all the best items right here so that you do not have to spend extra time here and there in terms of collecting the best ones. Are you ready?

Our Top Picks

1. EZARC 4-1/2 inch Diamond Blade


  • Made with high-quality alloy steel
  • It comes with an X-Teeth design
  • The weight is 8.47 Ounces
  • The size is 5.7 x 4.9 x 0.39 inches

If you own an angle grinder and are looking for a way to reduce the time for cutting tiles, consider purchasing these diamond saw blades from EZARC. These 4-1/2 inch diamond blades explicitly designed for angle grinders can quickly and easily cut ceramic, granite, marble, and concrete without needing additional heat or power.

The Ezarc Company is one of the most well-known manufacturers with decades of experience creating durable, high-quality diamond blades. Ezarc creates products for those worldwide who wish to quickly and easily cut through the hardest of materials.


  • It produces a super-smooth finish.
  • Rates are high in performance compared to similar items.
  • The blades contain excellent cutting results.
  • Includes durable diamonds.


  • Basic blade box that shows no professional appearance or design.

2. Tanzfrosch 4.5 inch Diamond Saw Blade for Cutting Porcelain Tiles


  • Made with Marble material.
  • The dimension is 6.85 x 6.3 x 1.06 inches
  • Its weight is 10.55 Ounces
  • The Blade is compatible with Marble and Porcelain

Are you looking for an effective cutting tool to work on your home renovations? Tanzfrosch Diamond blades can handle tough materials to the extent of their abilities. It depends on the size of the Blade.

The 4.5-inch cross-cut diamond blade has enough force to let you cut through whatever material you want.

Honestly speaking, this Tanzfrosch diamond blade is more efficient and provides smoother cuts. You may want to consider the thickness and density of the surface you’re cutting through if your diamond saw Blade isn’t up for it. This Blade is highly durable and provides clean cuts due to its high-end steel material.


  • The product is incredibly affordable
  • Durable steel body with embedded diamonds.
  • ​Comes with tough, sturdy materials.
  • ​Interlocked diamonds ensure continuous cuts.
  • A larger surface area provides greater stability.


  • The Blade may not be conducive to quick cuts.

3. DEWALT Diamond Blade for Porcelain Tile, Wet/Dry, 4-1/2-Inch


  • Made with Diamond material
  • It weighs only 0.31 Pounds
  • The dimension is ‎7.52 x 5.71 x 0.43 inches
  • The compatible material is Porcelain

What next? The following presentation is DEWALT Diamond Blades. It provides fast, long-lasting cutting and grinding performance on flooring materials such as porcelain tile. You can call it one of the best grinder blades for cutting porcelain tiles, granite, marble, and other hard-to-cut materials.

The unique blade design has a built-in lower percentage of diamond concentration to cut and grit preservation.

This Dewalt blade can be used for wet or dry on all stone flooring types. This 4 1/2″ diamond blade is designed for jobs like stripping floors or removing grout from old tiles. Besides, this Blade will save you time by cutting through hard materials and creating a lasting, smooth finish.


  • Ideal for use on all types of natural stone.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable and sharp.
  • Cones at an affordable price.
  • It provides smooth cutting.


  • The Blade is cheaply made and does not have a guard.

4. 4 in Diamond Saw Blade Super Thin Porcelain Blade


  • The dimension is 4.49 x 4.49 x 0.79 inches
  • It provides ‎16 ounces weigh
  • It comes from diamond material
  • Compatible with Marble and Porcelain Material

If you want something incredibly thin and flexible for delicate work, this Blade can be a perfect grinder blade for porcelain tile. It is a super-thin blade that is made to help the Blade take off precise and accurate cuts without causing any chipping or cracking so you can get the most out of your tile.

Any more features? Yes, this Blade’s nice, gentle curve separates it from other diamond blades in its category. It eliminates the need for an excessive amount of pressure. A perfect saw blade for cutting thin tiles is difficult, but this diamond blade can cut very thick tiles. This is one of the ideal porcelain tile grinders. The sharp diamond teeth on these blades do an excellent job of penetrating.


  • This Blade is thin and flexible.
  • Provide less chipping.
  • Comes with a pretty clean cut.
  • It provides longer handling time.


  • If the Blade comes to water or moisture, it can rust.

5. Diapro 2 Pack-4.5″ Tile Blade Diamond Porcelain Blade


  • Made with diamond material
  • Compatible with Porcelain and Marble
  • It comes with 10.23 Ounces weigh
  • The dimension is 6.3 x 4.65 x 0.28 inches

The Diapro tile blade is perfect for porcelain tile cutting disc that cuts, grinds, and notches Porcelain and other hard materials. It is also used with granite or marble to cut rough surfaces and break out small pieces of such materials.

The 4.5″ tile blade comes with a full diamond segment face and contains three individually cast, heat-treated, and stress-relieved steel layers.

Each Blade is dynamically balanced to reduce vibration. Our edges feature the superior Snap-It Blade Retention System that provides fast, convenient tool-free blade changes. If you ask me what is the unique feature of this item?

Last but not least, it uses a locking shoulder behind the Blade.


  • Provide a perfect cut without scratching the tile.
  • The Blade is excellent, with good steel.
  • This Blade cuts Porcelain very well.
  • It provides very fast cutting.
  • The Blade is flexible.


  • The Blade may not be able to cut smoothly.

6. Tysun 5 Pcs 4.5 inch Diamond Saw Blade


  • It is made of Diamond.
  • The weight of this Blade is 1.1 Pounds.
  • This blade dimension is 5.08 x 4.96 x 0.91 inches.
  • Ideal for Marble, Stone, Ceramic, and Porcelain

Then comes the Tysun 5 Pcs 4.5 inch Diamond Saw Blade. The blades represent the highest precision and quality in mind. So it can provide ultimate efficiency in grinder porcelain cutting discs without difficulties.

The best thing about this product is that it is extremely lightweight at the same time, you can use it comfortably. This Blade also gives you decent results in terms of accuracy and precision when cutting the tiles. It also comes with a safety guard to prevent accidents with slippery tiles.


  • The Blade is very lightweight.
  • Its design comes with quality material.
  • This product is very durable as well as has high precision.
  • The Blade comes with a safety guard.
  • Perfect for cutting various types of tiles without any difficulties


  • The Blade does not have a long handle
  • It can easily damage due to careless cutting

7. Diapro 10″ Diamond Tile Saw Blade Super Thin


  • Made from ceramic material.
  • It is compatible with Stone and Porcelain
  • The blades contain 1.7 Pounds of weight.
  • The dimension will be 12.28 x 11.02 x 0.28 inches.

Take a Diapro 10″ Saw blade and eliminate your need for a large, expensive wet saw to cut porcelain tiles at a fraction of the cost! The Diapro 10 Diamond Tile Saw Blade is 100% diamond, cutting through porcelain tiles like butter.

According to my experience, this Blade is also super thin, allowing you to easily cut tiny intricate designs into your tiles. This Blade also has an excellent life span, and you can re-sharpen it indefinitely.

Besides, these blades are available in different shapes to suit your needs. Whether cutting a small or large area, this diamond tile saw Blade would fit any job. You can cut large tiles with these thin, flexible blades.

I’d recommend having at least two of these diamond tile saw blades to complete any large tile project.


  • It provides durability and silence.
  • The Blade represents good performance.
  • It comes with a very smooth cut.
  • Fast cut in wet or dry tiles.
  • It is affordable and simple to use.


  • The Blade is a little bit too thick.

8. Makita 2 Pack – 4″ Continuous Diamond Blades


  • Comes with Alloy Steel
  • It provides a weight of 0.05 Pounds.
  • The compatible materials are Glass, Porcelain, Ceramic, and tone.
  • The dimension is 4 x 0.79 x 4 inches

As we all know, Makita is one of the best brands for devices for porcelain tile cutting blades and trimming metal, doors and windows, insulation, and other materials. So, the Blade is from Makita. This Blade uses high-quality materials to deliver an edge that cuts from top to bottom. The continuous diamonds cut through these surfaces with exact precision.

This saw blade is affordable and comes with a 20mm arbor that can change easily within seconds. There is an ultra-thin kerf design that helps reduce wood waste and heat generated during cutting, prolonging the life of your Blade.

But it is suitable for various finishing tasks. Overall, I think this is a very good product and will last a long time.


  • Cuts faster and cleaner than standard blades
  • Connects to any 4″ grinder or circular saw.
  • High-quality Blade for ceramic tile, Porcelain, and stone.
  • It reduces wood waste and heat generated during cutting.
  • Highly durable for heavy-duty cutting applications.


  • The blades are a little bit expensive.

9. GoYonder 4.5 Inch Super Thin Diamond Saw Blade


  • Made from Diamond material
  • It provides 45.28 x 45.28 x 0.05 inches Dimension
  • The Blade is Compatible with Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain, and more
  • The weight is 3.88 Ounces

If you’re a professional tile installer, you know the importance of getting the perfect cut on your tile. In this case, GoYonder’s 4 .5″ Super Thin Saw Blade will provide what you are looking for. If you take this item, you might not go wrong. It’s also easy to use and easy to clean.

The blades represent a diamond-like cutting surface that will cut through porcelain tiles and stoneware without ruining them. This material will last through many years of hard work without chipping or warping. The blades are made from high-quality steel and reinforced with a quality diamond coating.


  • It stays sharp for a long period.
  • Made from high-quality materials.
  • Doesn’t chip or scratch porcelain or ceramic.
  • It is thin and lightweight.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • It cannot work with larger tiles.
  • A little bit pricey.

10. Super Thin Diamond Ceramic Saw Blade Porcelain Cutting


  • Made with Stainless Steel
  • It weighs 2.33 Pounds
  • The Dimension is 4.69 x 4.65 x 2.17 inches
  • It is Compatible with Glass, Stone, Porcelain, and more

For cutting ceramic tiles, granite and Porcelain, this new diamond saw Blade offers a fast cutting speed and good dust-removing ability. It is made of high-quality stainless steel with tooth hardness. With the GoYonder Super Thin 4 Diamond Ceramic Saw Blade, you will find it easy to cut through any ceramic tile or stone.

As far as I know, this saw blade provides us with the highest quality diamond material. And it’s a certified high-grade diamond. You can trust them because this Blade is superior to any other brand you can find on the market. The blades use high-quality materials and pass strict inspection procedures.


  • The Blade is a lot sharper than you expect.
  • It will provide accurate cuts.
  • Very easy to store.
  • The Blade is durable.
  • Made from high-quality diamond material.


  • This diamond tile saw Blade is not suitable for high pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q): 

Can You Cut Porcelain Tiles With An Angle Grinder?

You can use your angle grinder to cut Porcelain tile in a couple of styles. When you use an angle grinder, it will be perfect for your circular cut or straight cutting.

How Do You Grind Porcelain Tile?

You can take a diamond grinder or a blade while cutting porcelain tile with a grinder. The diamond grinder is more expensive, but it is also more durable. This porcelain tile grinder is cheaper but may not be as durable.

Is It Possible To Grind Porcelain?

Porcelain tile is a wonderful choice when planning to upgrade your home. You may need to grind this tile to smooth out a surface that has been stained, shape the tile for installation, or use an angle grinder and porcelain grinding bit to do this.

Final Verdict!

That was everything on the best angle grinder for cutting porcelain tile. But if you ask me to choose only one, I’d love to go with the Diex 4″ Supper Thin Diamond Saw Blade. It has a sharp edge that will easily cut through the tile and is durable enough to handle frequent use.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an angle grinder blade that will help you quickly and easily cut through tile, the Dewalt Diamond Saw Blade is the perfect option!

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