Can I Use A Masonry Cut Off Wheel on Metal? [Explained]

Typical wheels might be able to perform the metal-cutting task. That said, if you prefer aggression, quick, and clean cutting, masonry cut off wheels are the ideal way to go. But “Can I use a masonry cut off wheel on metal,” you ask. Well, this is what my discussion is all about!

In today’s write-up, I’d like to share a short overview of masonry cut-off wheels, including whether you can use the blade for metal cutting, and so on!

What is a Masonry Cut Off Wheel?

Just like other random wheels, masonry cut off wheels appear to be rounded that maintain a constant grinding surface throughout the project. With stable aggression, the wheel is able to make a good bonding with the angle grinder in terms of creating a clean and quick cut on multiple surfaces.

Can I Use A Masonry Cut Off Wheel on Metal?

For being able to provide superior abrasives, masonry cut off wheels have the ability to deal with tough materials. And these include metals, bricks, concrete, stones, and so on; thanks to its power and added efficiency.

Moreover, the majority of masonry cut wheels available on the market get reinforced by fiberglass mesh, adding safety and precise performance. These all make this wheel an ideal choice for angle grinders to work with several types of materials.

However, it is a “must” to consider the following aspects before you get into using a masonry cut-off wheel on metal.

What to Consider While Using a Masonry Cut Off Wheel on Metal?

As I said, keeping a few factors in your mind is necessary before you want to use a masonry cut off wheel on metal. Because it is prone to generate serious aggression. This is why there is a chance of ending up with accidents or potential damages. So let me cut to the chase by sharing the core factors:

Checking the Workspace

Chances are there can be some cracks or pointy objects around the workspace. In that case, if you get into using your cut off wheel on metal, the blade will drastically get damaged or cracked.

So you must pay attention to the spot, and equally pay attention to the wheel in terms of observing any potential cracks.

Proper Wheel Alignment

Note that metal cutting isn’t child’s play, even if you use an angle grinder. And that turns worst when you fail to make proper alignment of the cut-off masonry wheel on the power tool.

This can cause huge sparks during the metal cutting task. Besides that, the wheel may come out abnormally in the middle of the task, which can result in serious accidents.

Maintain a Constant Speed

I don’t want you from getting an explanation of whether you are a pro or a fresher! Because it is always safe to start cutting metal with a medium RPM. Some masonry cut-off wheel bodies display the max rotations per minute. You must meet it to complete the metal-cutting task safely and successfully.

Pick the Correct Cut Off Wheel

Almost every masonry cut off wheel is compatible with angle grinders to cut metal. That said, you must look twice at the wheel that you’re going to purchase, making sure whether it is fully friendly with metal-cutting or not.

Or else the wheels might get broken on the first attempt! So if required, look for experts’ views.

Wear Safety Dresses

Even though I’ve listed t on the last, covering yourself up with safety dresses should be your first job. Note that metal is prone to produce serious sparks from time to time due to an extended amount of friction.

As a result, if you ever mistakenly forget to wear goggles, a protective helmet, and gloves, it is possible to end up with major injuries.

Final Words

Here, I tried my level best to share the most authentic information on “Can I use a masonry cut off wheel on metal.” Don’t dare to take any risks by jumping right into using this blade on metals!

Rather, follow the above factors I’ve listed above to perform the metal-cutting task in the best way possible, good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Can You Use a Masonry Wheel to Cut off the Tile?

Yes! Just like metals, masonry wheels are able to deal with tiles and porcelain tiles as well. But for that, you must do it carefully with prior knowledge. You can watch the given tutorial for further education:

What Should Be the Standard Size of the Masonry Cut off Wheel?

For an angle grinder, try to stick with 4”-9” in order to achieve your desired results. However, the size needs to be increased to around 12”-20” if your task is related to high-speed sawing, chopping, and stationary. 
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