5 Possible Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver Problems & Fixes

Even if you invest in the most expensive impact driver in the market, no one can guarantee that it will remain 100% free from issues throughout its lifetime! So, there’s no need to panic if you encounter any problems with your Milwaukee M18 fuel impact driver.

Some of the common problems with the Milwaukee M18 impact driver include constant light blinking, stuck drill bit, and broken rotor bearing. Sometimes, the power button may also fail to respond in the middle of a project. Each problem requires a different technique to fix.

To give you a helping hand, I’d like to share some quick fixes for each of the following issues so that you can overcome them once and for all. So, read on!

Problems with the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver & Their Quick Fixes

Let me cut to the chase by disclosing some of the common problems with the Milwaukee M18 fuel impact driver and how you can fix them with ease:

1. LED Light Blinking

Sometimes, the LED light tends to start blinking multiple times, pause, and then repeat. It’s a known common technical issue with the Milwaukee M18 fuel impact driver, often caused by dust accumulation around the contact point of the battery.

How to Fix It:

  • Get a contact cleaner that is specifically designed for cleaning electrical components.
  • Spray it onto the dirty spots and use a toothbrush to scrub the affected areas.
  • Then, dry the areas using paper towels or similar materials.

2. Drill Bit Get Stuck Inside

Have you neglected the necessity of oiling around the chuck of your Milwaukee M18 impact driver? Well, over time, it can get jammed due to a lack of lubrication.

Besides, because of extreme vibration, it may also become overly tight when drilling heavy objects!

How to Fix It:

  • Get your hands on a lubricant and spray it through the chuck.
  • Using a pair of pliers, gently grab the bit.
  • Keep running your Milwaukee forward and backward until you achieve a loose drill bit.

3. Power Switch Fails Responding

 Over-pressing the power button and pushing it hard are the main culprits behind a power switch failure. But sometimes, without any reason, the button can stop responding.

How to Fix It:

Consult with the dealer or the nearest local repair shop to confirm whether a replacement is required or not. In most cases, replacement is the only solution, especially if there are no issues with the wiring.

4. Broken Rotor Bearing

Excessive corrosion and dust build-up cause bearing faults. And sometimes, it turns the rotor bearing way more fragile than before. That’s when you end up with a broken rotor bearing at the time of drilling!

How to Fix It:

To be honest, slight fixing won’t be sufficient to solve the issue. In such a case, experts do recommend replacing the rotor bearing.

5. Can’t Retain the Drill Bit At Times

Indeed, that’s totally the opposite of a stuck drill bit. It occurs when the chuck of your Milwaukee M18 appears to be loose instead of excessively tight.

How to Fix It:

By taking experts’ help, you need to tighten the chuck as much as possible so that it gets the ability to hold the drill in place.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. Can You Drill Holes In Concrete Using A Milwaukee M18 Impact Driver?

Yes. Following the right steps of drilling holes in concrete and using the correct drill bit, you can go with your Milwaukee M18. But it’s not going to be the safest option for you, to be frank!

2. Is It Worth Spending On The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Driver?

Despite having several objects, it’s true that the Milwaukee M18 is a popular choice among novice to intermediate carpenters, thanks to its compact design, high torque, and extensive performance.

3. How Often Should You Replace The Drill Bit Of Your Milwaukee M18?

There is no strict rule on changing the drill bit. Go for the replacement only if it turns faulty, gets stuck, or becomes unable to create further drills.

Wrapping Up!

Nothing is invincible in this world! In fact, every power tool has its own limitations, restrictions, pros, and cons. And the same thing goes for the Milwaukee M18!So even if you notice some Milwaukee M18 fuel impact driver problems, there is no need to get worried or leave it as it is. Consult the dealer for further solutions, or follow the above fixes to solve it at home!

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