How to Remove Bit from Dewalt Impact Driver: 6 Easy Steps

Removing bits can be a piece of cake if you’re a seasoned carpenter or DIY-er. But when it comes to taking out bits from the Dewalt impact driver, I bet most of you will fail due to its complex mechanism.

So today, I’m here to discuss how to remove the bit from the Dewalt impact driver following the 6 specific steps. Alongside following the techniques I’ve mentioned here, you need to have some basic ideas on impact drivers, for which you can complete the task without any risk and hassle.

I’ll also add the necessary tools you may need to get the work done for your convenience. So this is going to be fun if you go through the entire article. Ready to dig in?

Things Required:

  • Wrench/Pliers
  • Screwdriver (flat-head)
  • Kerosene/Oil (optional)

How to Remove Drill Bit from Dewalt Impact Driver

Now that you have collected the necessary tools and stuff, let’s cut to the chase by showing you how to get a bit out of a Dewalt drill without much effort:

Step-1: Power Off Your Driver

There is nothing alternative to switching off your impact driver for safety purposes before you get into the real action. If not, the device may start and result in severe accidental injuries.

Step-2: Getting the Wrench

Your next duty is to get a piece of a wrench to remove stubborn screws from the bit holder. Apply slow and steady movement and go for taking every little bit out of that place. Feel free to use pliers in place of a wrench if you don’t have an adjustable wrench near you.

Step-3: Using Extra Oil (If Needed)

I guess you might be unsuccessful at that time in removing a bit from your Dewalt impact driver. It happens when you tend to keep your impact driver left for an extended period after usage. So if it occurs, I’d suggest applying a certain amount of kerosene or oil to their walls.

Thus, you can get those metallic surfaces way smoother than before. And this will help you remove the bit from the Dewalt impact driver with ease and quick!

Step-4: Getting a Screwdriver

A flat-head screwdriver will help you turn those pesky-little nuts/screws anticlockwise to get them unscrewed. In this way, you’re allowed to take off the heads of your driver’s body.

Afterward, don’t hesitate to get those screws via pliers and pull them off carefully.

Step-5: Re-Inserting Screws

Now that you have removed the stuck bit from your Dewalt impact driver let’s re-insert the new ones. In this case, you need to locate yourself at the impact driver’s top end. And then, line up each screw correctly in its corresponding areas.

Let’s begin screwing your impact driver’s new bits clockwise to fasten them thoroughly. Keep on screwing till you find the bits tightly locked.

Step-6: Testing!

There is nothing wrong if you switch on your Dewalt impact driver right now for a test. If you notice that the machine is running smoothly, then congrats as you’ve done removing the bit stuck in the Dewalt impact driver.

Note: Watch this video for how to get a bit out of a Dewalt drill.

Wrapping It Up!

Pat yourself on your back as you have successfully removed the bit from your own driver. From switching off your impact driver to re-inserting screws, you need to follow every step mentioned above.

So hopefully, the write-up of how to remove the bit from the Dewalt impact driver helped you do that with minimal time and effort.

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