What to Do If Your Grinder Is Stuck? [Explained]

While cutting through sandstone slabs with your old angle grinder, it is common for the sanding disc to get stuck inside, mainly due to two reasons: lack of skill and using the inappropriate disc. 

So, what should you do if your grinder is stuck? In such a situation, you must follow specific steps to open a stuck grinder, such as removing the upper nut and taking off the safety guard to eliminate the stuck disc.

But do you not know the details of how to unstick a grinder? Well, let me give you a helping hand by sharing all the basics and details right here!

What to Do When My Grinder Is Stuck? 

If you notice that your angle grinder has become jammed or stuck, the only solution is to get it unstuck. This can happen for a couple of reasons, such as dust accumulation and improper lubrication.

More importantly, the disc might get broken inside due to improper use, which can cause issues with removing the stuck disc without proper guidance.

How to Open A Stuck Grinder

Opening a stuck grinder is a bit challenging, yet 100% possible. For that, you must follow these given steps from head to toe:

Step-1: Disconnect the Angle Grinder

First off, get the power cord of your angle grinder unplugged from your nearest outlet.

Step-2: Remove the Upper Nut

Get your hands on a standard wrench, which you can use to eliminate the upper nut of the grinder so that you can take off the stuck grinder disc. Take your friend’s support in terms of holding the angle grinder in place, avoiding unnecessary movement.

Step-3: Press the Hammer Over the Locking Nut

Attach a metal clip or something like that right into the stuck disc, and then start hammering over the locking nut. In this way, you’ll be able to get it as loose as possible to take off the existing disc.

Step-4: Take off the Safety Guard

In case you find the disc too freaky while taking off, you might need to push the guard in the opposite direction. Otherwise, the stuck nut and grinder wheel won’t come off so easily!

Once you’ve done it, get your hands on the standard wrench once again to move the nut in an anticlockwise direction. Hopefully, now you can move it gradually without any resistance.

Step-5: Eliminate the Stuck Disc

Once you’ve removed the locking nut, you can smoothly take out the old grinder disc that was stuck inside and caused complications!

Now, examine the spots that have got contact with the hammer, wrench, and such tools. This is how you can confirm whether any parts have turned faulty or not.

Step-6: Incorporate a New Angle Grinder Disc

As the previous disc has got broken due to the excessive torture it took during the step, you must add a new one. So based on your upcoming project and requirement, feel free to incorporate a new grinder disc that matches your power tool perfectly. Afterward, you’re all set!

To learn how to get a grinder unstuck practically, watch the given video:

Mistakes to Avoid While Getting A Grinder Unstuck

Failing to meet safety standards can result in minor-to-major injuries. On top of that, the angle grinder might get drastically damaged if you don’t follow the following tips and recommendations:

  • Don’t start trying to unstick the grinder while the power is turned on. Instead, switch it off before beginning the project. For added safety, unplug the power cord from the outlet.
  • Even though skilled carpenters often avoid wearing safety gear, I recommend putting on a pair of gloves and eye protection to maximize safety.
  • When hammering over the locking nut, avoid pressing too hard. Otherwise, you may damage one of the crucial components.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

How To Open A Jammed Grinder?

Sometimes, you may observe dust accumulation around your grinder’s tricky spots, especially if you fail to take better care of your power tool. Experts suggest keeping those areas clean using a piece of brush.

But if the grinder turns jammed due to a stuck wheel or nuts, you can follow the above steps.

Can I Cut Concrete With An Angle Grinder?

Yes, you can cut concrete effectively using a 7-inch angle grinder. But it really has to be powerful, durable, and lightweight so that you can control it with ease.

Should I Hire An Expert To Unstick An Angle Grinder?

If you’ve tried all the nooks and crannies yet failed to get the grinder unstuck, then calling an expert can be the only solution to fix the problem.

Wrap Up!

Through this post, I tried my level best to guide you through what to do if your grinder is stuck! In fact, there is no need to get a panic attack in that situation. Simply be prepared with the necessary tools and start doing it yourself without any hassle. Good luck!

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