10 Best Gloves for Angle Grinder: Ultimate Choices From Expert!

From cutting concrete to clay pipe, metalworkers and plumbers have been using angle grinders for several complex projects. Even though this small handheld power tool is easy to operate, users often get drastically injured for not meeting the safety standards while running it.  

And that’s when a pair of work gloves come into play to keep your hands injury-free! But nowadays, choosing the best gloves for angle grinder is challenging. Because thousands of different models are available on several marketplaces along with different features and levels of specialties. 

So, after spending several hours, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 ultimate angle grinder gloves. I’d like to share their detailed reviews to help you decide which one is suitable for your hands. Let’s dive in!

Top 10 Best Gloves for Angle Grinder Reviews

The detailed review can give you a better idea of which angle grinder gloves suit your requirement most. So let’s get straight into the detailed description I’ve complied, including their pros and cons:

Our Top Picks

1. Ironclad General Utility Work Gloves GUG

On the very first, I’ve come up with a pair of gloves that has everything to be the topper! Starting from the build quality, Ironclad Work Gloves’ knuckles consist of heavy-duty thermoplastic rubber, which offers abrasion and impact protection.

Moreover, its closure comes in a handy “hook and loop” system, making it easily adjustable on your hands. And no need to worry about the fittings as they’ve come up with several size options, from X-small to 2X-large.

And the best part? Ironclad Work Gloves won’t let your hands get sweated, thanks to the terry cloth with a combination of a sweat management system. As a result, you can keep on your metal-grinding project through the angle grinder by wearing it for a long period.

As for the cleaning, it is both friendly with hand and machine wash, meaning they won’t break your sweat once you get into washing them off!


  • Knuckles are of thermoplastic rubber for optimal protection
  • Easily adjustable closure with sweat-controlling facility
  • Multiple size options to choose from
  • Durable and comfortable, being made with nylon
  • Ideal for automotive, construction, warehouse, and yard work


  • Very basic design in this budget segment!

2. Caiman Kevlar-Seamed Multi-Task Welding Gloves

So, are you in search of a pair of stylish gloves? Worry not as I’ve come up with the Caiman Welding Gloves that combine gold and tan color to ensure a classy appearance. Furthermore, Kevlar thread has been used to sew this pair, which adds a unique touch.

Talking about the material, the manufacturer has used premium leather to offer excellent comfort, even if you wear it for an extended period. Being leather-made, you should stick to using it for light-duty wood-grinding projects.

But talking about the size options, you’re going to get a pair of medium or large welding gloves to choose from. This makes it slightly limited for the people looking for XL/XXL size


  • The combination of tan and gold color makes it stylish
  • Leather construction ensures comfort and minimal fatigue
  • Features a short cuff for quick and hassle-free closure
  • Prevents heat loss by being well-insulated


  • Limited size options at this price range!

3. CLC Custom Leathercraft 125M Handyman Flex Grip Work Gloves

Let it be carpentry, framing, plumbing, or grinding something through an angle grinder, the CLC Custom Leathercraft Work Gloves has the ability to deal with all. Thanks to the efficient synthetic faux leather, offering toughness and withstanding shrinking at the same time.

Even if you have been working for a long time constantly with wet hands, CLC Work Gloves won’t slip off, the credit goes to its wing strip closure that stays on!

On top of that, this pair has concealed interior stitching, preventing them from snagging over metal and wood while using angle grinders.

Being well-equipped with stretchy spandex, I can rest assured that you’ll find it way more flexible than the typical work gloves. In addition, you’re going to get reinforced three fingertips (touchscreen), allowing you to use your smartphone without taking off the gloves.


  • Faux synthetic leather with stretchy spandex makes them flexible
  • Wing strip closure lets the glove stays on
  • Reinforced fingertips allow users to use mobile while wearing it
  • Concealed interior stitching for optimal protection
  • Made for multi-purpose activities, from carpentry to plumbing


  • Prone to wear out by heavy usage!
  • Not the best choice to withstand extreme heat!

4. Ironclad Mens Cut Resistant Work Gloves

If durability is what you’re concerned about, I guess the Ironclad Mens Cut Resistant Work Gloves can be your ultimate choice. It features polyurethane/PVC dots on the palm combining synthetic material to withstand daily work pressure.

Furthermore, its patented TPR assists in covering the thumb, fingers, and knuckles to ensure as much coverage as needed.

More interestingly, Ironclad Mens Work Gloves are best known for the protection levels they share, like they strongly resist abrasion, cut, and water to help you deal with any type of project where you use an angle grinder. And these include welding, grinding, plumbing, and so forth!

I guess Ironclad Work Gloves have got your back once again with its multi-size options. Here, you can easily find your ideal match by considering the size, ranging from small to 3XL. And yes, taking it off is another snap for its slip neoprene snug fit.


  • Features PVC dots with synthetic material for durability
  • Combines nylon and stretchy elastane for breathability and comfort
  • Gets extra levels of resisting ability against cut, water, and abrasion
  • Easy to take off and offers a variety of different size options


  • Slightly expensive!

5. Ergodyne ProFlex 9015F(x) Certified Anti-Vibration Work Gloves

Do you prioritize breathability over others? Why don’t you consider buying the Ergodyne ProFlex Work Gloves? For your convenience, it has come up with 2-percent spandex construction to ensure optimal breathability, especially when you need to work for too long at a stretch.

Luckily, Ergodyne Work Gloves consist of all the essential materials to make it a real champ, including PVC (28%), polyurethane (29%), nylon (12%), polyester (27%), and neoprene (9%). 

As the name suggests, it’s a certified anti-vibrant work glove, providing excellent stability needed while dealing with a superior 11 amp angle grinder. The credit goes to its AVC padding on the palm.

If you pay closer attention, then you can see this pair of gloves’ gripping palm have made in such a way to let you grab equipment and tools way securely. And that’s obviously a safety feature for novice workers.

Lastly, Ergodyne ProFlex is 100% machine washable, and there is plenty of sizes so that you can choose as per your preferences. 


  • Adds nylon, polyester, and more materials for ultimate longevity
  • 2% spandex construction offers as much breathability as needed
  • Anti-vibration facility lets you work without any discomfort
  • Machine-washable and 7 different size options to choose from


  • Pricey a bit!

6. Youngstown Glove Cut Resistant General Utility Synthetic Work Gloves for Men

On list number 6, I’ve got another striking work glove from Youngstown made for those who prefer quality, protection, and safety. Interestingly, it offers your fingers optimal grip, dexterity, and mobility with its efficient 3D construction.

Like the previous model, Youngstown also combines several materials to make this pair comfortable, breathable, and long-lasting. These include Kevlar, rubber, cotton, Velcro, nylon, etc.

And let’s not forget about the level of resistance it provides against cuts, punctures, and heat. This means this pair of work gloves is an ideal match for metal-grinding projects, including construction, landscaping, recycling, carpentry, and so on!

What’s more? I guess you won’t get disappointed with the size it comes with, ranging from small to 3XL. It means no matter whether you’ve got small or bigger hands, Youngstown work gloves will get you covered!

But it’s unfortunately not friendly with machine wash, and you better keep this pair of gloves away from water for a long time as it can’t resist water effectively!


  • 3D construction ensures mobility, dexterity, and smooth gripping
  • Comines Kevlar, nylon, Velcro, cotton, and more materials
  • Matches every hand size as it features small-to-3XL size options
  • Ensures protection against cuts, punctures, and heat


  • It isn’t machine-washable!
  • Not water-resistant!

7. Ironclad Mens Work Gloves

Particularly designed for Men, this model of Ironclad features top-class synthetic leather material, providing comfort as well as durability. Those who are involved in mechanical projects can find it most suitable to be equipped with ANSI 360 cut-resisting ability.

In fact, it can also give you as much safety as possible for your hands so that they can stay out of harm or potential injuries. Pads have been placed in a strategic way to confirm zero vibration, which is a plus for those who use powerful angle grinders.

And yes, memory foam is incorporated into the pads in terms of absorbing impact while operating power tools. Once you find it necessary to take this pair off, simply get your fingers on the adjustable look and hook closure for hassle-free removal.

Is your hand prone to get sweaty quite often and often during the task? No worries, as Ironclad work gloves equip terry cloth that is perfectly breathable to keep your hands sweat-free all day long!


  • Comes in a synthetic leather material to give you comfort
  • ANSI 360 cut-resistant work gloves for mechanical uses
  • It can absorb impact efficiently through memory foam pads
  • Features anti-vibration and sweat-free facilities


  • Being made for men, it won’t match female hands perfectly!
  • Not the best choice if longevity is your prime concern!

8. Mechanix Wear: Durahide Leather FastFit Work Glove with Elastic Cuff for Secure Fit

Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at the Mechanix Wear Elastic Work Gloves that are best known for comfort. Alongside the premium leather texture, this one TrekDry foam material keeps your fingers and hands away from heating!

And not only for the comfort, but this pair also has got a reputation for offering excellent resistance against abrasion, the credit goes to DuraHide leather located on the palm. Additionally, the pinched fingertip will enhance overall fingertip strength. 

As for the usage, the Mechanix Wear work gloves suit cleaning, construction, laundry, and a variety of different work projects, making them versatile. And due to the six different size options, you will get the chance to choose your desired one with ease. 

Last but not least, Mechanix wear has made it comparatively affordable, which is a plus for those who are tight on budget. This means you can enjoy optimal elasticity and comfort without spending a pretty penny! 


  • Breathable TrekDry foam adds comfort by keeping hands cool
  • Premium DuraHide leather material to resist abrasion
  • Features a well-protective closure made with thermoplastic rubber
  • Affordable yet suitable for multiple work projects


  • Unable to withstand extreme workloads on a daily basis!
  • Prone to get discolored from time to time!

9. Dewalt DPG20L All Purpose Synthetic Leather Palm Spandex Back Velcro Wrist Work Glove

Hands down, Dewalt has a good reputation for producing top-notch power tools! And the DPG20L all-purpose work gloves also provide a greater level of comfort, breathability, and air ventilation, and that too without hurting your wallet!

Speaking of the material, this pair has primarily got synthetic leather, including spandex (4%) and polyester (96%). Another plus point is the terry cloth located on the backhand. This will keep your hands sweating-free!

For increased flexibility, you can notice neoprene between each finger of this pair. Besides, reinforced fingertips and knuckle straps consisting of neoprene add icing to the cake!

Despite this, manufacturers strictly recommend keeping the Dewalt DPG20L away from washing to retain its quality for a long time.


  • Pure synthetic leather with spandex and polyester for comfort
  • Terry cloth located on the backhand keeps hands away from sweating
  • Neoprene is noticeable between each finger area to add flexibility
  • Ideal for gardening, carpentry, construction, and manufacturing


  • Very limited size options!
  • Not friendly with washing!

10. Revco GM1611 Top Grain Leather Cowhide Mig Welding Gloves

Finally, I’m going to wrap up the list with the Revco GM1611 Welding Gloves designed particularly for MIG welding. Combining split cowhide and grain cowhide leathers, the pair gives you ultra-level heat resistance to deal with heavy-duty projects without any risks!

Apart from delivering protection, Revco GM1611 features cotton lining to confirm optimal comfort. And the index finger, thumb, and palm area come with reinforced patches.

Moreover, for the writing padding, the maker has added a rest patch, and for the side padding, they’ve incorporated a drag patch to give this pair a solid finish. With multiple size options, Revco GM1611 is machine wash friendly.


  • Offers maximum resistance with premium cowhide leather
  • Multi-padded texture with cotton lining adds extra comfort
  • Can be washed easily through washing machines
  • One of the best choices for light to heavy-duty MIG welding


  • Limited to a single working project!
  • Unable to resist cuts and punctures!

Final Verdict

That was all for today on the best gloves for angle grinder. Hopefully, now you can easily find your best match based on your personal requirements!

But if you’re still confused after looking at the variety of different working gloves, I’d say spending on the Ironclad Work Gloves GUG can be your best decision to work with angle grinders. Flexibility, durability, and comfort; it has all the nooks and crannies to be the topper!

On the other hand, if breathability is what you’re concerned about, the Ergodyne ProFlex 9015F(x) Work Gloves is the best choice. But this might be a little pricey for you! In such a case, those who’ve budget issues can easily rely on the Dewalt DPG20L work gloves. Despite being affordable, it equips pure synthetic leather with a combination of spandex for adequate comfort!

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