Can You Cut Aluminum with A Cut Off Wheel? [Answered]

From metal cutting to grinding to notching, cut off wheels have the ability to deal with all. But as aluminum requires extra caution and care to cut, I have seen many people asking, “Can you cut aluminum with a cut off wheel?”

In today’s topic, I’d like to share the most authentic information you need to know about cutting aluminum. Including that, I’ll also discuss what you should do and what not to do in case you cut aluminum using your existing cut off wheel. So let’s move on!

What is a Cut Off Wheel?

As the title suggests, the cut off wheels are manufactured to cut something off, including nails, stubborn nuts, bolts, and stuff like that. On top of that, it plays a key role in changing the overall shape of what you want to cut off.

Combining a system of organic bond and abrasive grain, the uses of cut off wheels are pretty common on stationary tools and power tools.

Can You Cut Aluminum with a Cut Off Wheel?

Cutting aluminum is surely possible with the cut off wheel, especially if you take assistance from the right grinding wheel and proper steps. Not only the aluminum, but cut off wheels can also be applicable to deal with sheet metal, plastic, stainless steel, and so forth!

Here is a tutorial to help you get basic knowledge about using a cut off wheel:

Which Grinding Wheel Type is Ideal to Cut Aluminum?

Among the vast collections, the grinding wheel of type-27 is considered an ideal choice to deal with aluminum and such materials. As for cut-off wheels, the type-1 grade seems to be flat and is designed to deal with almost every material.

Being all-purpose wheels, type-1 cut off wheels decrease interference and offer extended cutting surfaces.

Do’s and Don’ts to Cut Aluminum with a Cut Off Wheel

Despite being a common type of bonded abrasive, cut off wheels have some specialties and limitations. So, not only you should get familiar with their ideal uses, but you must also learn the restrictions to avoid potential accidents and damages.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get straight into their do’s and don’ts:


  •  Before you get into cutting aluminum with cut off wheels, make sure to cover yourself with safety dresses. These include goggles, a face shield/mask, and safety gloves.
  •  Ensure to get potential damages or cracks before starting the aluminum-cutting task. That is how you can ensure the optimal safety possible!
  • Confirm that you’ve picked up the right size and grade type to perform your desired task. And the grinding wheel must match the stationary tool you use.
  • Proper cut off wheel positioning/adjustment is the key to making the most precise cut possible. In such a case, take assistance from either someone expert or the owner’s manual.
  • Experts prefer maintaining an angle of 90 degrees to cut aluminum, metal, and such materials with the cut off wheel.
  • If you are a novice, maintain a steady speed range while cutting aluminum to avoid potential risks.
  • Make sure the workspace is free from any flammable and sharp objects that may harm your workpiece/power tool.


  • Avoid wearing loose clothes that may get into contact with the power tool during the task and eventually result in severe accidents.
  • Don’t try to use cut-off wheels on the surface that contains wood.
  • Once you run the cut off wheel for a minute at a stretch, take a short break and never start it right away.
  • Avoid using the cut off wheel’s corner or edge for the best outcome.
  • You shouldn’t let the wheel twist or bend while making aluminum cuts through cut-off wheels.
  • Even if the cut off wheel gets minor cracks and damages, you should avoid using it to cut through aluminum.
  • Never try to take assistance from shortcuts, and strictly avoid rushing to stay in the safe zone.

Final Words!

Once you get familiar with the answer, “Can you cut aluminum with a cut off wheel,” it is not wise to jump right into the process. Rather, get to know every do’s and don’ts mentioned above to avoid any future damages and injuries. 

Besides that, you must be well aware of selecting the right grinding wheel type so that it will make the best match with aluminum and your stationary tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Is there any difference between type-27 and type-1 cut off wheels?

In short, type-27 wheels make the best match with grinding projects, while the type-1 cut off wheels are compatible with general cut-off tasks.

Are cut off wheels prone to break?

Yes. Chances are the cut off wheel may get cracked or broken if you start cutting an object without proper alignment. Moreover, it can also break when you use an inappropriate type.
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