Milwaukee M18 Loose Battery Fix [2 DIY Methods]

What if you have gotten into a serious project with your Milwaukee M18, and all of a sudden, the battery has fallen to the ground? And it becomes worse when you are in the middle of an application. Basically, it happens for the loose battery connection. 

So, getting familiar with the Milwaukee M18 loose battery fix is the only way to solve the bummer. After thorough research, I’ve come up with 2 easy-peasy and affordable ways to fix a loose battery. No need to waste any more time, so let’s cut to the chase! 

Why Does the Milwaukee M18 Battery Loose?

Even if you have purchased a brand new Milwaukee M18, ending up with the loose-connected battery is a common bummer! And I have seen many users complaining about the connection between the tool and the battery.

Indeed, nobody hasn’t discovered the exact reason why the M18 battery is too loose. However, I guess the area that connects the battery with the tool is over-flexible, causing such an issue. Besides that, there can be manufacturing defects that often cause the battery to slip out of the tool!

Different Ways to Fix Milwaukee M18 Loose Battery

Now that you know why the Milwaukee M18 battery is prone to loose, it is time to teach you how you can fix the bummer. Luckily, there are some effective DIY techniques that anybody can try at home, and that too without spending a pretty penny! So let’s get to see them –

Method-1: Using a Strap

Believe it or not, a strap can be quite helpful to keep the battery well-attached to the tool, thus, preventing it from coming out. In this way, it won’t stay loose anymore, even if you make constant movements of your Milwaukee M18 impact driver throughout the project. Let’s check out the easy-peasy steps:

  • First, unpack the shock strap and keep it on the workspace.
  • Set down your Milwaukee M18 in a vertical position, and this should stand over the strap.
  • Depending on the width, you’re allowed to pull the end of the strap through the buckle for adjustment. Make sure you’ve tightened the strap as much as possible so that it won’t get loose anymore.
  • For a trial, turn on the impact driver and make normal movements to see whether the battery gets out or not. If not, then rest assured that the strap has fixed the loose connection issue.

For practical details, I’d suggest you watch the given tutorial:

Method-2:  Using Felt Pads

Another handy way, in fact, the most effective way to fix the M18 battery loose-connection issue is to take assistance from a pack of medium-duty felt pads. By putting them in between the M18 Milwaukee impact driver’s battery, you can easily tighten the connection than before.

Here is how you can do this –

  • Take off the battery from the Milwaukee M18 impact driver.
  • Unpack 4 pieces of felt pads. There is no need to waste extra pads because once those 4 become useless, you can take support from the rest.
  • Put two felt pads all the way on the front. And similarly, set the other two pieces on the back. Ensure that you have settled the felt pads accordingly so that the battery can get the necessary support from them in terms of getting perfectly adjusted!

Can I Contact the Manufacturer to Fix the Milwaukee M18 Loose Battery?

Ending up with a loose battery connection might be a common problem with some high-vibrating cordless impact drivers. But if you’ve been noticing the issue significantly with your Milwaukee M18 that doesn’t allow you to work correctly, try the above fixing methods. 

But if there are any manufacturing defects, you can surely claim necessary support from Milwaukee’s support center, especially if the warranty is available. Consider contacting the manufacturer to explain your problem if you are still failing to get rid of M18’s loose battery. 


Almost every mid-budget impact driver has some advantages and drawbacks, and the M18 is no exception! So there is no need to get worried if your impact driver is causing any complications. 

This guideline regarding the Milwaukee M18 loose battery fix suggested every possible DIY technique to help you solve the issue all by yourself!

 Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

Are there any other problems with the Milwaukee M18 impact driver?

Apart from loose battery connection, LED light blinking, power switch, and unstable drill bit are some of the common issues with the Milwaukee M18 impact driver. But luckily, all of them are fixable!

What is the average lifespan of the Milwaukee M18 battery?

The longevity of the battery really depends on how you actually treat it. But as a general rule of thumb, each M18 battery serves up to 1000 charging cycles, giving you about three years of backup.

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