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How to Cut Rebar with Angle Grinder: 4 Steps You Must Try!

Are you thinking of giving a new shape to the rebar? Well, if you are involved in welding projects, you need a versatile power tool that can deal with it nicely. And that’s where the angle grinder comes into play!

But how to cut rebar with an angle grinder? First, prepare the workspace by eliminating flammable objects. Then get into clamping the rebar and start the angle grinder by holding it firmly. Keep on cutting through the rebar by keeping your hands near the workpiece.

Without proper details, you can’t successfully cut rebar safely and effectively. So let’s get into it without further ado.

Can You Cut Rebar with An Angle Grinder?

Not only can you cut rebar through an angle grinder, but it is one of the most effective tools for that material. Being versatile, you can smoothly make precise cutting, and that too in the fastest way possible! 

However, it doesn’t mean you can jump right into the steps without proper preparation. Ask why? Simply because while dealing with the rebar, chances are it’ll produce moderate-to-sever sparks. 

As a result, you must cover yourself with the correct safety equipment. And it is equally necessary to be aware of the correct angle grinder disc to get the job done.

Based on my research, cutoff discs, flap discs, and diamond discs can be your ultimate choice. 

How to Cut Rebar with Angle Grinder: Step-by-Step Instructions

After collecting the given safety dresses, let’s get into the tutorial of cutting rebar with the versatile angle grinder. After all, nothing can take the place of safety!

Tools Needed:

  • A clamp
  • An efficient angle grinder
  • Diamond/cut-off/ flap discs
  • Sanding grits (optional)

Step-1: Preparing the Workspace

No need to jump right into cutting the rebar straight away. Rather, pay attention to the workspace where you’re going to get the project done. Eliminate flammable objects, debris, and such things from the spot.

Step-2: Clamping the Rebar Firmly

You must keep your hands on the power tool to handle the project. As a result, it is a wise idea to keep the rebar well-secured in place in terms to avoid unnecessary movement. For that, I would prefer using a clamp or stuff like that.

Step-3: Starting the Angle Grinder and Cutting

Using both of your hands, grab the handle of the angle grinder as firmly as possible after starting it up. Note that proper gripping is the key to performing the “rebar cutting” task most safely. Start cutting the metal with the maximum speed of your power tool.

In order to maintain better control, I’d prefer to keep your grinder closer to the rebar.

Step-4: Smoothening the Corners

Once you have done cutting through the rebar, make sure whether it contains any pointed edges or not. If yes, then take off the existing disc to incorporate a grit accessory. Ask why?

This is because it will help you smoothen the surface of the rebar according to your preferences.

Finally, wrap up the step by cleaning the power tool and reincorporating the angle grinder blade guard.

To get a practical view, feel free to watch the given video:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Are The Different Tools To Cut Rebar Effectively?

Alternatively, you can take assistance from a hack saw, portable band saw, or reciprocating saw. But an efficient angle grinder can indeed serve you the maximum benefit while dealing with rebar, thanks to its multi-functioning ability.

2. What Size Angle Grinder Is Suitable To Work With Rebar And Such Materials?

Without paying a fortune, you can easily perform the rebar-cutting task with a standard 4.5 angle grinder to work with the rebar smoothly. But you must be careful at the time of selecting the disc.

3. Which Type Of Cutting Wheel Is Ideal For Cutting Rebar?

Unlike the bigger one, a relatively small cutting wheel tends to produce less flex. This means you can get more convenience to ensure a precise job, which is a big advantage for novice DIYers.

Wrap Up!

If you have gone through this entire post on how to cut rebar with an angle grinder, I hope you can perform the task safely and effectively. But you need to be aware of choosing the correct discs, which should be denser instead of thinner or ceramic-type.  

Otherwise, it will be a common problem for the disc to get cracked or broken, which will cause serious complications in the middle of the project.

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