Will a 12 Inch Miter Saw Cut a 6×6? [Secret Revealed]

Let it be aluminum gutters, PVC pipes, or tiles, a miter saw can deal with everything! However, as its core function is to rotate instead of reciprocate, many people get confused and often ask, ‘Will a 12-inch miter saw cut a 6×6?’ 

In today’s write-up, I’ll provide you with the most authentic answer on whether you can use your 12-inch miter saw to cut a 6×6 timber or not. So, stay connected!”

Can You Use a 12 Inch Miter Saw to Cut A 6×6?

Although a reciprocating saw is the preferred tool for cutting a 6×6, a 12-inch miter saw can also be used to get the job done. However, you need to use some extra tricks because a miter saw rotates instead of reciprocating.

This means getting a decent cut in a single pass won’t be possible, even if you’re a seasoned carpenter. But following some specific steps, you can definitely do this in two or multiple passes. 

How to Cut a 6×6 with a Miter Saw

Now that you know a 12-inch miter saw can be used to cut through a 6×6, it’s time to disclose the steps. The process might be a little tricky, so don’t miss a single point described below:

Step-1: Preparing the Workspace

First, you must choose a suitable spot in your garage where you can safely and effectively set the timber. Make sure to pick an even space where it can lie down in a stable way.

In addition, pay attention to the surroundings of the workpiece and ensure that they are free from any obstacles.

Step-2: Putting on Safety Dresses

As you’re going to deal with a complex tool with some tricky steps, there is no chance to avoid wearing a pair of thick gloves, goggles, a helmet, and ear protection. If possible, stay away from loose clothes while performing this.

Step-3: Marking the Timber

Take a marker pen or something similar to mark the area where you want to make the 6×6 cut. Additionally, use a ruler to ensure that the marks are even, so that you can achieve a straight cut.

Step-4: Turning the Miter Saw On

Once you’ve adjusted everything, it’s time to show your cutting skill with your 12-inch miter saw. Use one hand to grab the handle of the miter saw and the other hand to hold the 6×6 wood.

While doing this, make sure the timber is free from unnecessary movement. Or else, you won’t be able to achieve a straight cut.

Step-5: Changing the Timber’s Position

As a miter saw cannot reciprocate while cutting a 6×6, you won’t be able to make a straight cut in one pass. Therefore, you need to reposition the timber after making the first cut. 

Flip the timber over and cut it in the same direction with the same level of force, and you’re done! For a practical demonstration of cutting a 6×6 with a miter saw, watch the video below:

Wrap Up!

While cutting a 6×6, there is indeed nothing to do with the blade! For instance, if you use your 10-inch blade on the 12-inch miter saw, you’ll get almost the same result, for being rotatable instead of reciprocating.

By following the above steps carefully, you should now know whether a 12-inch miter saw can cut a 6×6 or not.”

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