Cutting Corian with an Angle Grinder: 5 Steps Made It Easier

From concrete to rebar, an angle grinder has the ability to deal with all, thanks to its efficient blade and excellent cutting ability! But what about cutting Corian with an angle grinder? DuPont has created it, specifically for benchtops, washbasins, and countertop surfaces.

First, prepare the workspace, and then put on safety gear. Next, carefully adjust the correct blade. After that, create straight lines on the Corian where you want to make cuts. Avoid applying too much pressure while cutting to prevent damage.

In today’s write-up, I’ve come up with the step-by-step process to help you cut Corian with ease using an angle grinder. So if you haven’t tried it before, this article is for you!

Is it Easy to Cut Corian?

Indeed, Corian is considered functional and practical for being a simple type of item to deal with. As this material is a bit steep, nobody wants to make any serious mistakes while cutting Corian.

So, despite being easy to work with, you must follow the proper technique while cutting it to achieve the optimal finish!

Can you Cut Corian with an Angle Grinder?

If you have selected the correct blade in your angle grinder, it is possible to cut through Corian using it. And that’s not enough! In fact, by using the proper grinding disc, you are allowed to shape each corner of Corian’s countertop precisely after cutting it up.

Cutting Corian with an Angle Grinder: Step-by-Step Process

Now that you know cutting Corian with an angle grinder is possible, it is time to teach you how to do so. Here, I’d like to share a step-by-step guideline for better understanding, and these are as follows:

Step-1: Workspace Preparation

Without getting the workspace well-prepared, you can’t complete the task safely and precisely. So let’s start by placing the Corian on a suitable workbench where it can stand without any movement. I’d prefer to use an extra c-clamp in terms of securing the material.

Step-2: Put on Safety Gear

Once you’ve prepared the workspace, you better cover yourself up with the right safety equipment. Wearing a long-sleeve t-shirt, a pair of gloves, goggles, and a helmet is the best way to stay in the safe zone during the Corian-cutting task.

Step-3: Blade Adjustment

Have you picked up the correct cutting blade based on the manufacturer’s recommendation? If so, then now your duty is to get it secured and installed in the right way.

Note that you shouldn’t feel it loose after the adjustment. Otherwise, chances are you’ll end up with major complications in the middle of the job! Feel free to take necessary suggestions from the owner’s manual for the correct angle grinder blade adjustment.

Step-4: Mark onto the Corian

In order to confirm the straightest cut ever, experts recommend using a marker pen to create lines where you want to cut through. That’s how you can achieve the best outcome, even if you don’t have a “pro-level” skill in the field of Corian-cutting.

Step-5: Start Cutting!

Switch on the angle grinder in terms of lowering it at a snail’s pace onto the Corian. Follow the direction of the lines you made through the marker so that you can cut straightly.

No need to push too hard through the grinder while cutting. Corian materials usually come in a thickness of 2-3cm, which is why slight pushing can be enough to cut them accurately.

However, if you apply unnecessary pressure, those pricey Corian plates may get ruined, and your whole effort will go in vain!

Important Note: By getting yourself the right angle grinder disc, you can smoothly give the desired shape to the edge of Corian. In that case, you better take experts’ suggestions to get further information!

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

1. Is There Any Chance Of Getting The Angle Grinder Stuck While Cutting Corian?

Yes. Not only while cutting sandstone slabs, but you can also end up with the stuck angle grinder during the Corian-cutting task. In order to get rid of that, you must take off the safety guard to remove the stuck blade.

2. How Does Corian Get Cracked?

Excessive heating has always been the core culprit behind cracked Corian. So you must keep the countertop away from direct contact with the stove.

3. How Long Does Corian Last?

If you’ve cut the Corian with maximum precision and installed it appropriately, it can smoothly last more than 30 years. But during that time, they might get burns or scratches for the lack of caring.

Wrapping Up!

Cutting Corian with an angle grinder can be done by anyone, from novices to experts by utilizing the proper steps. And that’s what I tried to teach you right here through this write-up. 

Be aware of selecting the correct workspace while cutting Corian, and don’t forget to apply moderate pressure to avoid significant damage.

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